Cheat Sheet

Unlike Sixth Grade Math class, it’s okay to cheat off of my test. I’ve spent countless hours trying out different Apps, programs, etc., so see what works and what is a waste of your time. Below is a list of some of my favorite websites and Apps. These are easy ways to add to your savings goals during your lunch hour, during your kiddo’s nap times, etc. Each of these have longer reviews, which you can find by completing a quick search on the home page. And if you have any questions about the apps/sites, feel free to post your question below in the Comments section or check out the OneKWays Channel on YouTube.

The List (and I’ve cashed out with all of these!):

  • Load Bing and Qmee and make money surfing the internet from both.  It’s pretty easy to get at least $5 per month by using Bing and Qmee is dependant on keyword searches like Movie Times, Car Insurance, Vacation Packages, Gift Ideas and Kid’s Shoes.
  • Love music?  Make Money at with Slice The Pie by giving song reviews
  • Make money shopping with the Receipt Hog App (use code nag48482 to start off with free spins), the Ibotta app (join the team with referral code vswdoau), the Checkout App, the ShopKick app and the CheckPoints app (use code jagoodrich77)
  • Make money by watching videos, web searches, etc. with Vindale ResearchSwagbucks, Inbox Dollars and Cash Crate
  • Get paid to try out apps and play free games with FreeMyApps
  • Spin to win with the Qriket App and use code HFGTLF to start off with 25 free spins
  • Get paid to simply have an app on your phone with Panel App
  • Do surveys while sitting on the couch with Survey Savvy
  • Stream videos on your phone and tablet with Perk TV (use this code for an extra 50 points: 222388a3), Swagbucks and and CheckPoints (use code jagoodrich77)



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